Biography/ Exhibitions

Clara Winter was born in a country that no longer exists. After beeing rejected at several acting schools she eventually pursued video art at Kunsthochschule Kassel, École Supérieur des Beaux Arts, Toulouse and LUCA School of Arts Brüssel. She became
Meisterschülerin of Bjørn Melhus.

Her work reflects on political and social aspects of the western world by creating situations and using fictionalised reenactments to perform them into her statements.

Since 2014 she has been working with the multifunctional Miguel Ferráez who can be counted as western thinking person, regardless of his third world upbringing. Together as a two-man production crew and non based artists they are fertilizing each other’s thoughts on both individual and common projects.

Despite their geographical and political contexts which differ greatly, they find a common place in their midlle-class background and their wish to use the medium of art to just make something good.


2019: “Wir sprechen heute noch Deutsch”
2018: “Beyond Beach”, “The remorseless goatgrinder of capital”
2017: “Poor people relax me”
2016: “ExplorerIn 2009”, “Maximum Surrender”
2015: “Postcolonialism in 30sqm”
2014: “Just kids left alive on the road”
2013: “Beziehungsarbeit 2” mit Lina Walde, “The boring feeling of nothing”, “I hate you but I fuck you”, “Olivier”
2012: “Mika”, “Laurent”, “Beziehungsarbeit 1” mit Lina Walde
2011:  “Interior”


Exhibitions/ Festivals:

Stuttgarter Filmwinter
Max-Ophülspreis – shortlist
Internationale Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg
Schauspielhaus Chemnitz (Kurzfilpreistour)
Internationales Frauenfilmfestival Dortmund/ Köln
Filmfest Dresden….

Beyond Beach – Stuttgarter Filmwinter, international selection
Beyond Beach – “Emerging Artists” Vol.4, Programm der AG Kurzfilm, Premiere
Poor people relax me – Screening at HGB Leipzig
Komunales Kino Freiburg (Oberhausen on tour)
Weltecho, Chemnitz (Oberhausen on tour)
Pixfilm Gallery, Toronto (Oberhausen on tour)
Poor people relax me, Teatro Lucido, CDMX
Kurzsüchtig Festival Leipzig
Molodist International Filmfestival, Kiev (Emerging Artists)
Medienhaus Hannover (Emerging Artists)
Cinéma Oblo, Lausanne, Schweiz (Emerging Artists)
Cinematheque of Macedonia (Emerging Artists)
Festival Finos Filmes, Sao Paulo, Brasilien (Emerging Artists)
FITZ Zentrum für Figurentheater, Stuttgart (Emerging Artists)
Bratislava, Kino inak/a4, Slowakei (Emerging Artists)
Goethe-Institut Thailand (Emerging Artists)
Goethe-Institut Montreal (Emerging Artists)
Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig (Emerging Artists)
Cork, Festival IndieCork (Emerging Artists)
Goethe Pop Up Seattle (Emerging Artists)
Wladiwostok, Pacific Meridian International Film Festival, Russland
Istanbul, Istanbul Experimental Fim Festival, Türkei (Emerging Artists)
Goethe-Institut Ljubljana (Emerging Artists)
Izmir, Izmir International Short Film Festival, Türkei (Emerging Artists)
Zebra Kino, Konstanz (Emerging Artists)
Kommunales Kino, Kino im Künstlerhaus, Hannover (Emerging Artists)
FICMA, Mexico-City
Dokfest Kassel
Monitoring Exhibition

Poor people relax me – Hinterconti, Hamburg
Poor people relax me, JKLAOTR, Postcolonialism in 30sqm – Amnesty Movienight, Universität Kassel
Poor people relax me – Biquini Wax EPS Gallery, Mexico-City
The remorseless goatgrinder of capital – Espacio Gallery London
The remorseless goatgrinder of capital – Chimichurri screening Biquini Wax EPS, CDMX
Poor people relax me – Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Lerma, Mexico
Poor people relax me – Internationales Frauen Film Festival, Dortmund Köln
Postcolonialism in 30 sqm – “We can’t come from nothing” Groupexhibition, Hao House, Taipei, Taiwan

Poor people relax me – Mudlark public theater, New Orleans, USA
Poor people relax me – Groupexhibition, CAA Hangzhou, China
Beyond Beach – *Premiere International Short Film Festival Oberhausen

Beyond Beach – Groupexhibition, Kunstverein Ahlen
Poor people relax me – Goethe Institut Mexico-City
Poor people relax me – UNAM, Mexico-City
Beyond Beach – Aeromoto, Mexico City
Poor people relax me – Fusion Festival
Beyond Beach – „Some Shapes of Things to Come“ Exhibition, Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, Hamburg
Artist in Recidency – Gängeviertel Hamburg

Beyond Beach – Filmfest Weiterstadt
Beyond Beach – Black Canvas Festival, Cineteca Nacional, CDMX, Mexico
Postcolonialism in 30 sqm – Screening, CAA Hangzhou, China
Poor people relax me – Art Lake Festival, Germany

Screening/Talk Gängeviertel Hamburg
Mika/Laurent/Olivier – G16 Leipzig
Poor people relax me – Besser Leben, Leipzig
Beyond Beach – Dokfest Kassel
Nerivela – Ultra Cinema, Xalapa, Mexico
Beyond Beach – Festival del Puerto, Puerto Escondido, Mexico

ExplorerIn 2009 – Fish-Film-Festival Rostock
ExplorerIn 2009 – Internationales FrauenFilmFestival Dortmund/Köln
ExplorerIn 2009 – Kurzsüchtig Festival, Schaubühne Lindenfels Leipzig
ExplorerIn 2009 – Weiterstadt Filmfestival
Poor people relax me* Preview – Back Up Festival Weimar
Just kids left alive on the road – Städtische Galerie Nordhorn, Gruppenausstellung
Poor people relax me* Preview – @KMMN, documenta14 side event

Poor people relax me* Preview – Café Karnak
Beyond Beach – Rabastock Festival, Rabastens Frankreich
Beyond Beach – Installation, Grethen Bohei, Leipzig
ExplorerIn 2009 – At.tension Festival, Interdisciplinary Theatre Festival, Lärz
Poor people relax me* Preview – At.tension Festival, Interdisciplinary Theatre Festival,Lärz
Poor people relax me – Premiere Dokumentarfilm und Videofest Kassel
Adam und die Rockraketen – Bandprojekt – Konzert zur Eröffnung des Dokumentarfilm und Videofest Kassel
Werkschau – Kunsthochschule Kassel
Beyond Beach – Examensausstellung, Documentahalle, Kassel

Galeria Eremita, GroupExhibition, Mexico City
Kino International Kunst Exhibition Berlin
Postcolonialism in 30 sqm – Contravision Berlin
Postcolonialism in 30 sqm – KIK Berlin
Postcolonialism in 30 sqm – Kurzsüchtig Festival Leipzig
Postcolonialism in 30 sqm – Fishfilmfestival Rostock
Postcolonialism in 30 sqm – Back-up Festival Weimar
Postcolonialism in 30 sqm – Fusion Festival, Lärz
Just kids left alive on the road – Langesund IYFF, Norway
Mika – “Echos”, Museum für Sepulkralkultur Kassel
Maximum Surrender – Examensausstellung, Documentahalle Kassel
ExplorerIn 2009 – Dokfilmfest Kassel

Just kids left alive on the road – Stuttgarter Filmwinter (JKLAOTR)
Just kids left alive on the road – FishFilmfestivan, Rostock
Just kids left alive on the road – Werkstatt der Jungen Filmszene, Wiesbaden
Just kids left alive on the road – Back up Weimar
Just kids left alive on the road – Musrara Mix Festival, Jerusalem
Just kids left alive on the road – Deutscher Jugenvideopreis, Halle
Just kids left alive on the road – Fusion Festival
Postcolonialism in 30 sqm – “LE MYTHE ACIDE DE LA CERISE ÉCLECTIQUE AU SALON SAUVAGE” Maison des Arts, Schaarbeck, Brussels
Postcolonialism in 30 sqm –  Biennal de Artes Visuales Yucatan, Mexiko
Beziehungsarbeit – Victoria Art Center Bukarest, Rumänien 
Beziehungsarbeit – /si:n/ Festival für Videokunst und Performance, Ramallah, Palästina 
Beziehungsarbeit – Goethe Institut Johannesburg, Südafrika
Beziehungsarbeit – Goethe Institut San Francisco, USA
Beziehungsarbeit – Galarie Alternative Space Loop, Korea
Beziehungsarbeit – Kuandu Museum Taipeh, Taiwan
Beziehungsarbeit – Goethe Institut Chicago, USA

Olivier – Stuttgarter Filmwinter 
“Eclat de temps” – Tour de projection et poésie, avec Anais Scherrer, Berlin Potsdam, Leipzig Kassel 
Beziehungsarbeit – GoEast Festival
Beziehungsarbeit – Wiesbaden
Beziehungsarbeit – FishFilmFestival, Rostock
Beziehungsarbeit –  Your skin makes me cry“, Goethe-Institut
Beziehungsarbeit & Olivier – Musrara Mix Festival, Jerusalem
Beziehungsarbeit – Back Up Festival Weimar
Just kids left alive on the road – Dokfilmfest Kassel
Just kids left alive on the road – Visionale Frankfurt

White Box, München (Olivier)
„Broken (He)Arts“, Kassel (I hate you but I fuck you)
FishFilmFestival, Rostock (Mika), GoEast Festival, Wiesbaden (Mika)
Europa im Cluster (Gruppenausstellung), Leipzig (Olivier)
„AlbertaAlertDerLiveTrailer“, Examenseröffnung, Kassel
„AlbertaAlertDerExitus“, Interim, Kassel
Dokfilmfest Kassel (Olivier)
Rec- internationales junges Filmfestival, Berlin (Mika)

„Experimental Filmfestival” Galerie KUB, Leipzig
Dokfilmfest Kassel (Mika)
Künstlerinnenscreening, Moma, Worpswede (Mika)
„Memory Cash“, Venus&Apoll, Julia Stoschek Collection, Düsseldorf

„Barbie von Sevilla“, Galerie Artists Unlimited, Bielefeld

Special Mention“, International Competition, Stuttgarter Filmwinter 2015
Silber Medallie“, FishFilmFestival Rostock 2015
2.Platz Deutscher Jugendvideopreis 2015
1. Platz Filmfestival Universidad de Estado de Mexico 2015
Film des Jahres, Fish Filmfestival Rostock 2016
Publikumspreis Kurzüchtigfestival Leipzig
Publikumspreis Contravision Berlin
“Silber Medallie” FishFilmFestival Rostock 2017
Preis der Sparkassenversicherung Universität Kassel 2017
Mexico – City Youth Award 2018
German shortfilm award – experimental 2019
FICMA – mexican short documentary 2019