The remorseless goatgrinder of capital

HD Video/ 10 min/ Spanish and English/ Miguel Ferraez, Megan Marsh, Clara Winter, Karlos Atl & Antonio Aragon/ Mexico 2018

The continuation of a perceived dialogue between British author P.D. James (The Children of Men, 1992), Mexican film-maker Alfonso Cuarón (Children of Men, 2006) and British cultural critic Mark Fisher (Capitalist Realism, 2009).

In the wake of news about the death of the youngest person in the world a street poet denounces the crimes committed against his brethren, a London-dweller waits for an email to arrive and a young man is unwillingly pushed into a dehumanising and relentless spotlight.

In a series of three exchanges artist and viewer enter the mill of artistic production under hyper-capitalism, confronting the possibilities of resistance and the ways in which they are re-assimilated by a machine that never stops grinding.


“Camaradas 2018” in Espacio Gallery London
Biquini Wax EPS, Mexico City