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Imyours_ until 9.10. in Leipzig

commissioned for the exhibition “Das Denkmal ist…”, by Stiftung Friedliche Revolution Leipzig.

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our bigbig exhibition @ACC Gallerie Weimar is coming up!

inaguration 26th of May 8pm with opening words by Bjørn Melhus


Cameras on supersonic, a film of rare ups and downs: TOP GUN: MAVERICK is the second film since the beginning of the corona pandemic which made billions in sales. Shortly after Russia attacked Ukraine, the Cannes Film Festival flew fighter jets on the occasion of the world premiere of the film and celebrated Tom Cruise as a megastar. Since then, criticism has been divided between euphoria, irony and a frontal attack. The film offers the launch pad for a discussion with filmmaker Clara Winter, film scholar Prof. Dr. Marcus Stiglegger, film critics Dennis Vetter and you on big and oversized cinema, on vain boys and queerness, uniforms, synths and remakes – and of course on speed.

1.11.2022 Cinémathèque Leipzig


Der Rostocker Frauenkulturverein die Beginen zeigt heute “ExplorerIn 2009” im Rahmen ihres Programms zum Kurzfilmtag.

Und die A.G. Kurzfilm präsentiert das Programm Kurz.Film.Tour. – Spuren der Zeit mit “Wir sprechen heute noch Deutsch” noch bis 31.12.2020.


15.7. Goethe Institut Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

14.7.+22.7. Goethe Institut Zypern (Nikosia)

3.+10.9. Goethe Institut Tansania

t.a. Goethe Institut Bangalore

Beyond Beach screenings

Kurzüchtigfestival Leipzig 6.4.2019
Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen (Best off 2018)
Medienhaus Hannover
Skopje tba
Molodist Filmfestival Kiew

Filmfest Dresden


“Postcolonialism in 30 sqm” as part of
Discourse on Europe 2: The Era of Rage – Heinous Homeland

The term invectivity refers to all aspects of communication intended to expose and insult – regardless of whether they are verbal, written or visual. Films are able to fathom the limits of what may be borne or expressed. With its focus on invectivity, the question is being posed here once more about the power and function of the film medium for (democratic) society.

In cooperation with the Collaborative Research Centre 1285 “Invectivity. Constellations and Dynamics of disparagement” of TU Technical University Dresden

Beyond Beach represented by

together with THE DEVINE WAY by Ilaria Di Carlo, UMBRA by Florian Fischer and Johannes Krell, THREE CASUALTIES by Jens Pecho, FOSFENO by David Gómez Alzate, EINE KNEIPE AUF MALLE by Marian Mayland

Festival del Puerto

“Beyond Beach” was the opening movie of the opening movie “ROMA”.
Thanks for bringing the movie back to where it was shot.


is supporting the development of our new project “Retrebution on low charge”.

Mexico City Youth Award

Miguel won the second place of the Mexico Youth Award for the artistic activity in his youthful life. Viva CDMX